A lot of things today is owned and regulated by one authority,

Almost everything is owned by one powerful organisation and this gives them the whole power of changing the rules if they want to whether it is in the favour of users or not. To eliminate this kind of ownership defi- decentralized finance is used where one cannot own the whole system instead of that the ownership is given to every person in the community.


When it comes to blockchain

Today everything based on blockchain is decentralized and nothing is hidden from the users not even a project execution and with rise in demand of cryptos, crypto games are now also an awesome thing where people are getting attracted. The best part about this is that players are now way more independent than they were before in terms of game playing. A community of players on a certain blockchain can vote if there are changes required in the game or not. One person cannot change or edit anything without the community’s consent.

The equal distribution of power to everyone is the most revolutionary thing which made crypto games a huge success and now more people are getting into it. To be honest the adults are not very much still clear on the blockchain technology but the young users are interested as well as ready to adopt this change and use it because of the features this technology is providing where every person is equal and no one individually owns it not even the game designer.


New crypto projects coming out every month,

There are numbers of project launching every month in blockchain gaming or crypto gaming they both are same, and with new kinds of games coming in that allows one to earn while they are playing is the major reason people are appreciating crypto games


Variety of games on the crypto platform,

·         Now one must be thinking that the games on this system must be different and not like the traditional games, but the fact is that one can play even the advance games as well as the traditional games on this system.

·         There is a huge list of crypto games you can play to earn without even compromising the fun, the games now run on a different platform with more user-friendly designs.


The transformation of technology through crypto,

This world is changing and a change is needed in system too where the ownership is distributed equally and everything is transparent without the fear of unexpected changes in it.


My choice in terms of crypto games,

The crypto gaming will grow and will be adopted by more people and I feel like one should start using the P2E concept by using platforms such as to know whether this system is good or bad.